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I am happy  to discuss with you, all your pet requirements, whether this a for a small dog, a large dog that needs lots of excercising  or just popping in and feeding your rabbits or chickens while you’re away. Please take a look at our services page but if you can't find what you’re looking for give me a call and I will do my best to accommodate your requirements.



Dog Walking: -


We are fully insured and your pet will be transported in our custom vehicle crates with clean bedding and plenty of fresh water. 


I like to walk the dogs in small groups.  I work this way because my personal experience has shown that dogs enjoy going out in groups, after all they are pack animals. Walking as part of a pack will also help to give your dog confidence in social situations.


All dogs that join me on walks will recieve the same level of care and attention  that I would give my own dogs.  Dogs go home as dry and as clean as possible in order to protect your home, their water will be replenished and they should be rested before you arrive home.


We want to ensure our customers recieve the service they need, therefore we are happy to dicuss any specific requirements and will do our best to accomodate you.


Dog Walk 1hr (not-inclusive of travel) From £13.30 Inclusive of VAT



Pet Pop- Ins: -


This service is where we will pop into your house during your working hours to enable your pet to stretch their legs and to let them out to the toilet. Water is replenished during our visit. Should your pet be on any medication due to an illness or surgery we are happy to give this to them during our visit. We can also check in on rabbits, cats, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs.


Pet Pop in - 20 mintues=start from £7.80 inclusive of VAT



Puppy Visits: -


This package includes 2 visits each lasting  20 minutes, during this time, we are able to clean up any ‘accidents’ that may have happened during your puppys time alone, as well as give them human contact. We will also ensure they have plenty of water and food (if required)

Having our own dogs we understand how hard it is to train  young pups, and we will give them as much  attention as we can  during our visit. Having these visits breaks up their day  and also helps to support toilet training to stop those accidents!


Puppy Visits=From £16.20



Pet Sitting in your home: -


This is a great service for any dogs who may not cope well with kennels or change or for those who simply like the comfort of their own home while you are away


For  Dogs:

This is a service where one of our fully insured team members will move into your home while your away to take care of your dogs (and any other small pets)

Your dog will go out and about during the day, and plenty of cuddles in the evening. 

This service is incredibly popular as it not only ensures you dog/s can remain in their own home for ease and comfort but there is piece of mind for people knowing there is someone in their house to ensure its safety. 

As mentioned this is a popular service so booking in advance is recommended

For Cats:

Paws 2 Pavement will visit your cat first thing in the morning before our morning walk service, where we will open up the house, and feed your cat. We will spend some time playing, and fussing (if required) before leaving it in peace until we return later that evening to feed again( if required)  as well as closing up your house for the night.



For  Rabbits, Hamsters, Guniea pigs: 

Paws 2 Pavement will visit your pet first thing in the morning, give them fresh water and top up their food. We will open up the house, and where required let pets out into any runs or pens you may have. We will return again at the end of the day to put them away, shut any hutch doors, re-check water and close up any covers that may be neeed. We will also close up the house again for the night.

* Depending on the length of time away we are also happy to clean out hutches when needed*

For Birds: 

Paws 2 pavement will visit your bird/s first thing in the morning, give them fresh water and food. We will  also open up your house and then return later in the evening to check food and water as well as close up your house.

*Depending on the length of time away we are also happy to clean out the bird tray when needed*


If you cannot see your animal on here please give us a call and I am sure we will be able to accomodate your needs.



House visits: 


For our regular customers we are happy to offer a house minding service while you are away for a few days or longer.

Lights on,...... Lights off,......... you decide just tell us when.

We will also open curtains and blinds and pick up the post too.

Let us know how we can help.


We also offer a Pet Transport Service, please click on the tranport button to read more about this service.