About us

At Paws 2 Pavement we understand how important your pets' are to you and realise that you may like to know as much information as possible about the person looking after your animals so therefore I would like to share some information about myself and my family.

Martin & Rocky

My name is Martin Cook and I live in Bletchley with my wife Sam and our dogs. We have two Border Collies, Rocky and Yogi


I have lived in Milton Keynes my whole life, (apart from a 2 year stint in the USA) and I am proud to call it my home.


I didn't grow up with any pets but have always wanted my own dogs. Some would say that I am making up for lost time now, and I can assure you I love every minute I spend with our animals.


I spend most of my free time with Rocky and Yogi. I train Yogi in obedience every Sunday morning then two nights a week are spent on agility training with Rocky in Middleton Chaney  Oxfordshire or Great Brickhill just outside Milton Keynes.


Both myself and my wife Sam have been involved with St John Ambulance Association since we were about 10 yrs old. We currently run a cadet group and both hold first aid qualifications and First Aid teaching certificates. 


Animals need regular attention and excercise and with this job I am fortunate enough to give our own pets plenty of both.


I am looking forward to the opportunity of offering your pets the same.



Take a look at our services page but if you can find what you’re looking for give me a call and I am sure we will do our best to accommodate you wishes.

Martin & the boys
Growing Famly

Our boys really are part of our family and we care about them incredibly.

They joined us on our engagment photo shoot as well as on our wedding day!


The boys are very affectionate, and very well behaved. They adore my job as they get to meet so many new dogs and make lots of new friends.

Spotty Beds

What a weekend! The boys love being away at agility shows but they enjoyed coming home to their new camping beds and having a rest! Clever dogs.

Yogi (aka Yogi The Bear!)

I would like to share with you our youngest boy, Yogi.

Yogi is our 2yr old Border Collie. He is a Blue and White and has fantasic working lines.

Sam works Yogi in agility and they are both currently G3 and working nicely together.

I work Yogi in obidience and lets just say his preference is agility!  

Yogi Bear

Rocky Dog

I would like to share with you our oldest boy, Rocky.

Rocky is our 5yr old Border Collie. He is a Seal and White and has awesome agility lines. Rocky and Yogi both have the same mum so are half brothers. 

I train and work Rocky in agility he is currently in G5 and is waiting for two more wins to turn G6.

Sam works Rocky in obedience and Rocky really enjoys this.